Portable Crusher

Used Portable Concrete Crusher

Portable crusher is a new mobile crushing rock crushing equipment, which greatly expanded the primary crusher, its design goal is that, on the basis of space, the environment, the operation is complex, to break the configuration of obstacles. To actively provide a convenient, efficient, low-cost hardware operation of the project. The production of portable crusher is specialized in producing the ball mill, crusher, conveying equipment, mineral processing equipment.

Innovation function of portable crusher

For construction waste accumulation is not too concentrated, or be divided into several areas of the situation, for reducing the purchase of equipment, saving equipment, comprehensive cost considerations, the most suitable for the use of portable crusher, that is, our company developed a new type of mobile crusher station portfolio.

Tire type mobile crusher station is based on the main process of sand and gravel processing, through the reasonable design, to achieve a variety of crushing, screening equipment integration, through the vehicle system or crawler drive system, to achieve the overall mobile operation function, can be flexible to select the plant, the material for timely processing, greatly reduce the transportation and processing costs, improve production efficiency.

Application of portable crusher

Portable crusher is becoming more and more popular in both rock and mineral crushing and mineral crushing industries. The mobile crushing will deal with concrete, road edge stone, marble, paving slabs, bricks, tiles, blocks, stone, porcelain, flint, tombstone, in any case to meet the requirements of customers.

Portable crusher provides a new field of business opportunities, quarry operators, recycling and mining applications. It provides high efficiency, low cost, project plan, and not environmental limited client. Portable series mobile crushing and screening equipment is according to the stone crushing equipment design concept, it extends coarse crushing and finely homework concept in the field of development. Its design idea is based on the customer's requirements, thus removing the breakdown of the basic configuration of the crushing, the surrounding environment and the complex. The series of portable crushing machines do provide a simpler, more efficient, less cost machine.

Features of portable crusher

  1. Using hybrid advanced design, it can save 30% to 50% of the fuel consumption.
  2. Fully rigid plate structure, with high strength, low contact pressure, good adaptability and good adaptability.
  3. Operating systems with imported direct servo technology can be easily and accurately controlled and driven in a continuously variable transmission.
  4. The stock bin and the side belt conveyer can be adjusted by adjusting the hydraulic cylinder, which is convenient for transportation and maintenance.

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